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Hardworking residential Humidifiers from Skuttle Indoor Air Quality products & accessories.
To accommodate virtually every residential heating system and floor plan, Skuttle makes more humidifiers than any other manufacturer.
We install all of Skuttle's Indoor Air Quality products & accessories.


Honeywell's(Smart Lamp) Ultraviolet(UV) Air Treatment Systems zap mold spores and live airborne bacteria that pass by the smartlamp to prevent them from being re-circulated into your homes air.
The Honeywell UV Air treatment system can kill up to 87% of Certain airborne bacterias in the air passing through your heating and cooling system, reducing the harmful agents in the air that your family breathes.

  • Electrostatic filters available in all sizes,we can even have custom sizes made for your system
  • Aprilaire Media Air Cleaners, removes 99% of particles 5 microns or larger.
    Uses no electricity, requires replacement of media filter every one to two years
  • Aprilaire Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    The Apriaire carbon monoxide alarm maintains its ability to detect the deadly gas for five years, and automatically alerts you when it stops working
    Using a Co Alarm on each level of your home is key in the effort on preventing Co poisoning.
    Its detection priciple is an electro mechanical cell with audible and visual alarms
    Comes with a long life battery


Keep Your Family Safe With Aprilaire Carbon Monoxide Alarm's


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Self-Adjusting Make-up Air Control provides year-round, Filtered Fresh Air, for all residential Heating and Cooling systems.
The Skuttle Model 216 Self-Adjuting Make-up Air Control is installed on the return plenum of the furnace. six-inch insulated flex duct connects the Make-up Air Control to a screened, fresh air inlet mounted on the outside of the home. When the furnace blower operates, the damper in the Make-up Air Control opens,aotomatically pulling outside air into the furnace. the air is cleaned by filters, heated or cooled, and circulated through the duct system. As aresult, a slight pressure builds up in the home, preventing unwanted air infiltration around windows and doors.

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